Regulation of interventions in nature and landscape

[Road transport infrastructure] [Energy management and telecommunication] [Water management and agrarian structures] [Soil mining] [Other projects]

The regulation of interventions in nature and landscape according to the Federal Nature Conservation Act is a general legal regulation implemented by the Nature Conservation Acts of the respective federal states. The regulation of intervention aims for the conservation of the present capacity of the natural environment and the preservation of the landscape scenery. The principal objective is to prevent degradation of the actual state of nature and landscape by way of intervention. It needs to be considered whether changes of the shape or use of areas cause significant or sustainable impairments of nature and landscape.
To implement this legal requirement, landscape conservation support plans or technical papers are prepared. They contain a description and evaluation of all relevant properties, significances and sensitivities of the concerned component of natural environment as well as the determination and assessment of the expected impairments (type, extent, location, time schedule) as a consequence of the construction, physical structure and operation of the building project. Subsequently necessary conservation measures, abatement measures and compensatory measures are defined.
Our office has long term experience in the preparation of technical papers for landscape conservation and all requirements resulting from the legal regulation of interventions in nature and landscape, particularly in planning of transport infrastructure, energy economics as well as projects of urban planning and mining for raw materials.
We support you in all planning phases, coordinate and optimize licensing procedures, keep contact with involved planners, experts and responsible authorities and develop, together with you, implementation concepts and variants for a secure project realization.

We develop concepts for reduction and avoidance of impairments and plan at an early stage possible requirements of necessary compensation areas and determine their type, location and extent. We design strategies for problem solving and contact property owners, authorities and organizations to provide all necessary admission requirements. Additionally, we offer investigations of compatibility concerning Natura 2000-Areas, protection of species, implementation planning under nature conservation legislation, concepts for conservation, development and cultivation, ecological construction supervision as well as the control of success (monitoring).


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