Road transport infrastructure

For the planning and realization of transportation projects the Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG prepares landscape conservation plans in consideration of the latest directives of road authorities, Federal Railway Authority, Federal Aviation Authority and the Federal Waterway Administration. They contain a wide range of measures to avoid and minimize interventions as well as measures on designing and compensation. Of increasing significance are measures on the protection of species in the technical paper for the protection of especially and strictly endangered species. We provide the implementation planning for measures on compensation and green structures as well as ecological construction supervision.

Project selection

Landschaftspflegerische Fachbeiträge Bahnhofsplanung Klanxbüll, Langenhorn und Bredstedt (2018)
Kreis Nordfriesland
Landschaftspflegerischer Fachbeitrag Ertüchtigung Eisenbahnüberführung Langes Maar (2018)
Landkreis Leer
Landschaftspflegerischer Begleitplan Neubau Radweg L636 (2018)
Stadt Salzgitter
Landschaftspflegerischer Begleitplan und Artenschutzrechtlicher Fachbeitrag für den Umbau des EStW Poppenbüttel (2017)
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg